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ADB produces MSDN style documentation by reflecting and integrating XML Documentation Comments. ADB has the following key features:
1. Merge multi assemblies in a document;
2. Auto search XML Documentation Comments file of assemblies and their dependent assemblies;
3. Extent XML Documentation Comments Tags according to your own needs;
4. Develop custom document builder according to your own needs.



Develop Custom Document Builder

1. Extent XML Documentation Comments Tag

The following is an example developing a custom document builder named “MyBuilder” that extent the following features:
(1) Extent a <image> tag for inserting images to the document;
(2) Insert a section named “Custom Section” to the type page and member page.


(1) Click then menu Tool->Generate Custom Builder Solution->Extent XML Comments Tag, then input then information of the custom builder:


(2) Click “OK”, ADB will generate solution for you and open the solution;
(3) Open “MyBuilder.cs” file and input the following code:




(4) Build the solution and click the debug button to start ADB to debug the custom builder:


(5) Testing:

The following is the class and it’s comments for testing:

namespace ClassLibrary1
/// <summary>
/// Comments for Class1
/// </summary>
/// <CustomSection>
/// <image src='1.gif'/>
/// </CustomSection>
public class Class1

The document generated by MyBuilder:


(6) Let ADB load MyBuilder when starting:

Open the base directory of ADB and create a folder named “MyBuilder” in “builders”, then copy “MyBuilder.dll” and “MyBuilder.builder” to “MyBuilder” directory (as shown):



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